Reliable welding equipment in the UAE? Look no further

Consider the Big Blue 700X Duo Pro from Millers, a heavy-duty and powerful welding machine designed for professionals and fleet use. With its low-speed diesel engine, this machine can handle even the toughest welding jobs.

Why Big Blue 700X Duo Pro Welder Machine Is A Must-Have For Welders?

To perform welding, you need the right equipment, precision, and accuracy. And when it comes to welding equipment, nothing beats the Big Blue 700X Duo Pro welder. This is a machine that has taken the welding industry by storm, and for good reason. It offers a range of features and benefits that make it a must-have for welders of all levels. It is easy for a beginner or seasoned professional to get the job done with the Big Blue 700X Duo Pro.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why this welding equipment is a must-have for anyone who takes their craft seriously. From its advanced technology and superior performance to its ease of use and durability, we’ll explore why the Big Blue 700X should be at the top of every welder’s wish list. So, let’s dive in and discover why this machine is the ultimate welding tool.

How does Big Blue 700X Duo Pro use its auxiliary power supply?

The Big Blue 700X Duo Pro has 2 X 110 VAC, 16A 1 Phase Auxiliary. Power receptacles, 2 X 240 16A VAC 1 Phase Aux. Power receptacles and 1 X 400 VAC, 32 Amps, 3 Phase Aux Power receptacles.

In this section, we explain how it works, how much power it produces, and how it is protected (circuit breakers).

3 Phase, 400 VAC, 20kW Power output


  1. The auxiliary panel of the welding machine contains a red receptacle.
  2. The Output is connected to the Circuit breaker rated at 30 Amps continuous power supply to external accessories.
  3. The power drawn for this output is from the same Stator that supplies power for Welding.
  4. This Power output is not independent of the Welding output available at the Welding terminals.
  5. The Total Power that is available at the 2 X Welding terminals and the 3 Phase, 400 VAC Aux, Power socket is limited to a Maximum 20 KW


  1. The maximum number of welding arcs available with this machine is 4. There are two welding terminals and two inverter-based machines that are powered by 3-phase 400 VAC outlets.
  2. To calculate the maximum amperage output across 4 welding arcs simply divide 700 by 4. This results in a maximum of 175 amps per output.
  3. If you need a higher welding output, reduce the number of welding arcs. For example, if I reduce the number of welding outputs to 3, I can divide the maximum amperage output of the machine (700 amps) by 3. This results in the new max output per welding arc being 233 amps.
  4. The current draw per welding arc does not need to be equal as well. As long as the combined amperage of all welding outputs does not exceed 700 amps the machine is capable of delivering the required power.
  5. When connecting the inverters to 3-Phase power, ensure that they are protected by appropriate circuit breakers not exceeding 30 amps.

1 Phase, 2 X 110 VAC, 16 amps and 2 X 240 VAC, 16 amps each Power outputs


  1. There are 2 yellow 110 VAC and 2 Blue 240 VAC, 16 Amps power sockets available for powering tools used by Welders e.g., Grinders, chippers, etc.
  2. Individual 16 Amp Circuit Breakers protect the 110 VAC power sockets for load and individual GFCIs protect them from Earth leakage.
  3. 1 x ELCB protects the 240 VAC power sockets from earth leakage and overload
  4. There is a circuit breaker for each output that provides a continuous power supply to external devices rated at 16 Amps.
  5. The power drawn for this output is from the Independent Stator coils. The output is independent of the Welding Output.


  1. It is possible to use the 4 Power sockets together as long as the total power output does not exceed 4KW continuously.
  2. In case you are connecting a Panel with 4 Power sockets to the Individual power socket of 240 VAC or 110 VAC then the combined output from the 4 Power sockets should not exceed 16 Amps or 3.8 KW.
  3. In this arrangement, you will not be able to use the other 1 Phase power outputs.

Please note, the Output limitation is due to the limitation of the power socket on the welding machine.

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