Blue Star 185 (Kohler)

Gasoline Engine Driven Welding Generator, reliable Outdoor portable power – great for maintenance and construction.Your necessary tools on a ranch/farm, service truck that can be used for welding as well as to power tools outdoors.

Brand: Miller Electric USA
Part number: 907664
Welding processes:Stick (SMAW), Mig (GMAW)*,Fluxcored (FCAW)*, DC TIG (GTAW), Air Plasma cutting and gouging with optional Spectrum models *with wire feeder
Output range:CC/DC (Stick/TIG) --> 60–195 A
Auxiliary power output:Auxiliary Power Output Rated at 40°C,6,500 watts peak,6,200 watts continuous,1-phase, 40/26 A,120/240 VAC
Rated output:185 A at 25V, 20% duty cycle,150 A at 25V, 100% duty cycle
Weight:134 KG

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Bluestar 185:


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