Bobcat 200 Air Pak

The enhanced Bobcat 200 Air Pak is a quiet, fuel-efficient all-in-one that maintains power capabilities in a compact, lightweight footprint and is backed by industry-leading reliability and performance.

Brand: Miller Electric USA
Part numbers:907760
Welding Processes:Stick (SMAW), Mig (GMAW)*,Fluxcored (FCAW)*, DC TIG (GTAW), Air Plasma cutting and gouging with optional Spectrum models *with wire feeder
Output range:DC Stick 30-210A, Mig / Fluxcored: 15-25V, 210 A, DC Tig : 30-210 A
Auxiliary Power Output:Auxiliary Power :8000 watts peak,6500 watts continuous
Rated output: DC TIG/Stick:Weld Output: 120 A at 25 V, 100% Duty Cycle, 140 A at 26 V, 60% Duty Cycle, 210 A at 28V, 20% Duty Cycle
Weight:280 KG

Spec Sheet

Bobcat 200:

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