Cromarod 316L

5.4: E316L-17

CROMAROD 316L is a Stainless Steel Covered (SMAW/ Stick) Electrode that conforms to ASME BPVC Section II part C SFA 5.4 AWS E 316L-17 classification. This electrode is a rutile flux coated AC/DC electrode intended for welding the low carbon, molybdenum alloyed, acid resisting austenitic stainless steels of similar composition (316L). Operability is excellent with a smooth low spatter arc producing an exceptionally good weld bead appearance. Fillet welds have a smooth surface, slightly concave profile with excellent toe line blend-in, and self-releasing slag. The electrode is all positional up to and including 3.25 mm diameter. CROMAROD® 316L is also suitable for welding normal carbon 316 type grades and also Nb or Ti stabilized steels, provided service temperatures are below 400 °C.

Brand: Elga
Coating Type:Rutile
Welding Current:AC OCV > 39V; DC+


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