Cromarod 625

CROMAROD 625 is a high alloyed Covered (SMAW/ Stick) Electrode that conforms to ASME BPVC Section II part C SFA 5.11 AWS ENiCrMo-3 classification. This electrode is a basic flux coated nickel-base electrode intended for welding Inconel 625 and similar composition alloys which are primarily used for their excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. They exhibit an exceptionally high resistance to pitting corrosion and chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking. The electrode is very suitable for a wide range of dissimilar joint combinations between nickel-base alloys, mild and low alloy steels, and stainless steels, especially where high-temperature service conditions prevail. It can also be used to clad carbon steels with high-strength, highly corrosion-resistant surfaces. CROMAROD 625 weld metal gives good fracture toughness at temperatures down to -196 °C and is suitable for welding 5% and 9% nickel steels for cryogenic applications.

Brand: Elga
Coating Type:Basic
Welding Current:DC+



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