Dynasty 210

Industry-leading AC/DC TIG welding machine, Dynasty 210 is an example of dependable Miller solutions. This machine delivers the best performance to get high-quality work done — quickly and easily. The perfect combination of inverter technology and advanced features. With its independent setting of AC waves, this AC/DC tig machine, is a must for Precision welding applications. Most flexible and dependable AC/DC TIG/Stick machine in the welding industry. Dynasty TIG power sources help minimize error and achieve high-precision welds every time. Easy-to-understand interface with 4.5-inch LCD display

Part number: Dynasty 210:907816
Part number: Dynasty 210 (CPS) :907816001
Part number: Dynasty 210 (CPS), CE: 907816003
Part number: Dynasty 210 (CPS) TIG Runner:907816002
Part number: Dynasty 210 (CPS) TIG Runner, CE:907816004
Welding processes:AC/DC TIG , Pulsed TIG , Stick
Output range:1–210 A (DC) 2–210 A (AC)
Input power:120–480 V, 3-phase or 1-phase power
Rated output:120V, 15 A TIG: 90 A at 13.6 VDC, 100% 130 A at 15.2 VDC, 30% Stick: 60 A at 22.4 VDC, 100% 90 A at 23.6 VDC, 30% 240 V TIG: 110 A at 14.4 VDC, 100% 160 A at 16.4 VDC, 20% Stick: 110 A at 24.4 VDC, 100% 160 A at 26.4 VDC, 20%

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Dynasty 210:

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Dynasty 210:

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