Dynasty 300 Multiprocess

The Dynasty 300 Series is the latest machine with a powerful combination of capability and portability. The AC/DC TIG/Stick power sources feature an energy-efficient inverter design and Auto-Line™ technology. Experience unfailing precision arc performance paired with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly interface that puts advanced capabilities at your fingertips. Industry-leading AC/DC TIG welding machine, Dynasty 300 is an example of dependable Miller solutions. Most flexible and dependable AC/DC TIG/Stick machine in the welding industry. Dynasty TIG power sources help minimize error and achieve high-precision welds every time. Easy-to-understand interface with 4.5-inch LCD display ensures proper machine setup and parameter selection. AC TIG features like Balance control provide adjustable oxide removal which is essential for creating the highest quality aluminum welds and the Frequency controls the width of the arc cone and can improve directional
control of the arc.

Part numbers:Power Source Only : 907819; TIGRunner : 907819001
Welding processes:AC/DC HF TIG , Pulsed HF TIG (, Stick , Air carbon arc , MIG , Flux-cored, (MIG and FCAW with AR Suitcase feeder)
Output range:Amperage Range :1–300 A (DC), 2–300 A (AC), Voltage Range:14–28 V (DC)
Input power:208–600 V, 3-phase or 1-phase power, 50/60 Hz, AutoLine
Rated output:All 60% Duty Cycle, 3 Phase: MIG/FCAW -250 A at 26.5 V,CC/AC TIG - 250 A at 20 V, Stick -250 A at 30 V, 1 Phase MIG/FCAW -200 A at 24 V, DC/AC TIG - 250 A at 20 V, Stick - 200 A at 27.2 V

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Dynasty 300 Multiprocess:

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