Fusion 185

Gasoline Engine Driven Welding Generator. Can weld without enpower by plugging in the 120/240 Power supply

Brand: Miller Electric USA
Part number:907781
Welding Process:Stick (SMAW), Air Plasma cutting and gouging with optional Spectrum models
Output Range:CC/DC (Stick) --> 30–185 A
Auxiliary Power Output:Auxiliary Power Output Rated at 40°C, 6,500 watts peak,6,200 watts continuous 1-phase, 40/26 A, 120/240 VAC,
Rated Output:Weld Output 185 A at 25V 20% duty cycle, 150 A at 25V 100% duty cycle , Power Shift 240 V 185 A at 25V, 20% duty cycle 150 A at 25V, 100% duty cycle
Weight:110 kg

Spec Sheet

Specification sheet:

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