Invision 352 MPa MIG Welder

This Miller Pulse package combined the capability of the XMT 350 and 450 engines to give excellent arc performance to produce Pulse welding that is required for critical stainless steel and aluminum welding. Its synergic feature makes its welder friendly.

Product name: Power Source:907431
Product name: Power Source Only with out Auto-Line and auxiliary Power:07431001
Welding processes:MIG(GMAW),Pulsed Mig(GMAW-P),Flux-Cored(FCAW) Air carbon arc cutting and gouging(CAC-A)
Output range:10-38 V, 5-425 A
Input power:208-575 V 50 / 60 Hz 3- or 1- Phase Power
Rated output:350 A at 34 VDC, 60% duty cycle 3 phase,300A at 32 VDC 60% duty cycle 1 phase
Weldable Metals:Steel, Aluminium
Welding Amps Range:5 to 425 A

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Invision MPa Plus System:

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Invision MPa Plus System:

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