Megafil 240M

AWS A5.28: E80C-Ni1

Megafil 240M is a Seamless Copper coated Metal Cored Tubular wire that combines the benefits of solid (GMAW/MIG) wires: high deposition efficiency & ability to weld root pass of pipe joints and Tubular wires: high productivity, reliable weld quality & ease of welding. Very high production rates can be achieved using this wire even with straight Constant Voltage machines (in flat, horizontal positions) and using special/pulsed machines/programs (like Miller RMD & Pulse) very high quality & productivity can be achieved from pipe/plate root to cap all passes in all positions either downhill or uphill. This wire conforms to ASME BPVC Section II part C SFA 5.28 AWS E80C-Ni1 H4 classification. This wire conforms to extra low hydrogen weld metal, long shelf life, CVN Impact toughness upto -60°C, and use in “As Welded” & “PWHTed” conditions. Structural Steel, Offshore, Piping, Pipeline, Tanks, Construction are segments that can benefit from using this wire.

Brand: Hobart Filler Metals
Welding Positions:
Standard Diameters:1.2 mm
Polarity:Direct Current Electrode Positive (DCEP)


Spec Sheet:
Storage Recommendations:



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