MPi 220P

Portability is number one when you have to go to the job – because it can’t come to you. The MPi 220P contains all you need to MIG weld in one small lightweight package. With the flip of a switch, all processes are available to meet the application at hand.

Brand: Miller
Part numbers:059016014
Welding processes:MIG , Pulsed MIG , Stick , Lift Arc TIG , Flux-cored
Output range:Amperage/Volts: MIG: 20–200 A, 15–24 V Stick: 5–200 A, 20.2–28 V TIG: 5–200 A, 10–18 V
Input power:230 V, single-phase, 50/60 Hz
Rated output:MIG: 110 A at 17.5 VDC, 100% Duty Cycle Stick: 100 A at 24 VDC 100% Duty Cycle, TIG: 100 A at 14 VDC, 100% Duty cycle,

Spec sheet

MPi 220P:

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