Pipemaster Pro-60

AWS E6010

Hobart Pipemaster Pro-60 is an ideal choice for the all-position root pass welding of the transmission pipeline project, and for the fill and cap welding of construction and shipbuilding, general-purpose fabrication, maintenance welding, out-of-position X-ray welds, pipe welding, and vertical and overhead plate welding. Outstanding arc stability, excellent vertical down welding, and very good wash-in will be a big plus for the welding where cellulosic (AWS E6010) electrodes are preferred for welding API pipe grades up to X56.

Brand: Hobart Filler Metals
AWS Code:A5.1: E6010
Arc Length:1/8" to 1/4'
Polarity:Direct Current Electrode Negative (DCEN)
Application:Single or multiple pass, DCEP, All Position
Industries:Weld metal gives X-ray welds, suitable for root runs using DCEN and DCEP for pipe welding

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