SubArc 3-Wheel Tractor

The 3 Wheel Sub Arc tractor now comes with a function interface that makes it easier for the operator to control the weld from one panel. It is a compact package with a lot of flexibility that can be configured for any type of application in Heavy welding applications.

Part number:951755
Welding processes:Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
Output range:Wire Feed Speed 30–400 ipm (0.8–10.2 m/min.) Wire Size Range 1/16–5/32 in. (1.6– 4.0 mm)
Input power:24 V (AC) - 1 Phase 50/60 HZ / 25 amps
Rated output:Max diameter 4.0 mm SAW wire

Spec Sheet

SubArc 3-Wheel Tractor:

Owner's Manual

SubArc 3-Wheel Tractor:

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