Trailblazer 325X Diesel

A powerful diesel generator/welder, Trailblazer 325X delivers a smooth and stable arc. Its patented Technologies – ArcReach Technology, Auto-Speed, and Excel power – ensure the best in the industry runtimes, fuel efficiency, and the best welder/generator performance. Very compact. Trailblazer 325 can be mounted on a small maintenance truck for productive, profitable, and quiet job sites.

Brand: Miller Electric USA
Part number:907799007
Welding Processes:Stick (SMAW) MIG (GMAW)*, Flux-cored (FCAW)*, RMD®** , Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)**, DC TIG (GTAW), Air carbon arc (CAC-A) cutting and gouging Rated: 3/16-inch carbons Capable: 1/4-inch carbons , Air plasma cutting and gouging with optional Spectrum® models
Output range:DC stick 20 – 325 A ,MIG/flux-cored 15– 40 V , DC TIG 20 – 325 A
Auxiliary power output:Single-Phase Auxiliary Power , Peak 12,000 watts, Continuous 10,500 watts, Excel™ Power 2,400 watts (120 V, 20 A) at 2,400 rpm
Rated output:Stick/TIG: 325 A at 33 V, 100% duty cycle, MIG/FCAW :325 A at 33 V, 100% duty cycle
Weight:281 KG

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Trailblazer 325X Diesel:

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Trailblazer 325X Diesel:


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