Taking the noise out of Pulsed TIG

Pulse AC/DC TIG Welding has several benefits that make the process desirable among welders. Greater control over the arc and the ability to work with thinner metals more susceptible to distortion make it a desirable choice for many challenging applications. However many people know that AC/DC pulsed TIG welding can get noisy, especially in an enclosed environment. The sound created by the pulsed TIG process can be very distracting, especially if multiple units run simultaneously.

To solve this problem, Miller has come up with a solution. A new feature called QuietPulse™ has been launched for Maxstar and Dynasty’s newest generation. With this technology, all the benefits of pulsing are at your fingertips. The experience is enhanced thanks to eliminating the distracting sound that often deters welders, especially when several welders operate in the same workspace.

Benefits of pulsing with QuietPulse™

During AC/DC pulse welding, QuietPulse™ is activated by changing the wave shape, creating a slower, more fluid transition between background and peak amperage to minimize audible noise.

QuietPulse™ Technology turns down the volume on the distracting sound that comes with pulsing so you can tune into the weld and focus on the job at hand.

Products featuring QuietPulse™

Miller Maxstar 210 , Miller Maxstar 280 , Dynasty 300

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